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Serrania Avenue Charter for Enriched Studies
“Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation”
Advisory committees are and important part of Governing Board, allowing an opportunity for more stakeholders to be involved and create a more efficient way to research and develop recommendations on issues affecting the school. Standing committees provide guidance on everyday school functions (such as curriculum). Ad hoc committees are established when there is a specific issue that requires a dedicated team effort before a governance decision is to be made (such as a hiring committee). We welcome the participation of any members of our community who can dedicate their time, energy, and expertise to our committees!

Standing Committees

Enrichment Committee- We believe that through professional development, technology, science, arts and music we will enrich our students’ educational lives and increase academic achievement. Our goal is to bring enriched studies to all students at Serrania Charter for Enriched Studies.
  • Professional Development
  • Technology Lab
  • Music Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Art Lab
Community Committee- We believe that the integration of community school activities and events will promote students success, encourage self sufficiency, and foster appreciation of diversity.
  • School Events: Halloween, Spellathon, Winter Program, Read Across America, Pijamarama,  Walkathon, Fun Fair, Volunteer Luncheon
  • Friends of Serrania Liaison
  • Kids in the Community
  • Character Development
Achievement- We believe achievement, fostered by clear expectations, high standards, responisibility and mastery of instructional standards is vital for ensuring academic success and social growth.
  • Instructional Support and Intervention
  • Curriculum
  • GATE- Gifted
  • Students with Special Needs
Teamwork- We believe our students will flourish in a safe, positive, well-kept facility where they demonstrate good citizenship and respect for others.
  • Positive Behavior Support/ Discipline Review Team
  • Student Council
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Playground
  • Plant and Facilities
S.T.E.M. - Enrichment & Arts
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math
With so many important, fun and engaging ways to participate, we look forward to seeing you and discovering how we can work together to make SCES an even greater success!