Serrania Charter For Enriched Studies

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Serrania Avenue Charter for Enriched Studies
“Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation”
Serrania Charter for Enriched Studies Governance Board Members:
Chair: Tom Icona
Vice-Chair: Scott Fauber
Parliamentarian: Mike Thayer
Secretary: Mr. Rindt
Members: Grant Barbeito, Maryam Tahmasebi, Angel Phillips, Mr. Alvarado, Ms. Tenzer, Mrs. Rodstein, Mrs. Al-Salman, Mrs. Dustin. Mrs. Ellis (Alternate)
How can I get involved?
You can attend monthly meetings and stay up-to-date by reading meeting minutes and committee reports on the website. They are posted after each meeting. You may also run for a parent representative position in our next election and/or join one of our Charter Committees.
The Governing Council wants to hear from you. Please submit any ideas, recommendations and feedback. The suggestion box and forms are available in the front office, and we are committed to addressing and responding to your suggestions and feedback.