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Why should you be involved in your child’s education? Educators tell us all of the reasons to be involved. 

When parents are involved, students:

Achieve higher grades and test scores.
• Are more likely to graduate.
• Have higher attendance rates, increased motivation, and improved self-esteem.

Serrania Charter is pleased to have so many active parents!

We have a place for YOU!

We know that the relationship between students/teachers, and between parents/teachers, has a major impact on a student’s success. At Serrania, there are lots of ways to get involved and make a difference!
Classroom: Speak with your teacher to see if they would like help with the classroom.  Help could include checking in homework, reading with students, copying homework packets, helping lead centers, etc. If you are helping in the classroom, you must complete a volunteer application and provide proof of a TB test to the office. See the forms below.
FOS committees - come to a meeting or email Friends of Serrania at We will help get you more involved!  Feel free to complete the Volunteer Opportunities document below and return it to the office.
Charter Committee - come participate on a school charter committee!  Teachers participate as well as parents.  They meet once a month on Tuesday afternoons.  Check the school calendar.
Governing Council - meets once a month with teachers and parents to discuss school related topics.  Everyone is welcome to join!
It takes time and care to be an involved parent. Who are your child’s friends? What excites your child at school?
Exploring questions such as these with your child can help ensure the success of your child in school, with friends, and in life. Education is a tremendous part of a child’s life.
Every day offers a fresh opportunity to get involved with your child and his or her school.

We have many opportunities for parents within the Governance Board and in the classrooms.

The SCES community is also thriving due to the hard working efforts of the (non-parent) volunteers including Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, friends, neighbors, siblings and, of course, faculty & students!