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Volunteering and Your Child's Education

Why should you be involved in your child’s education? Educators tell us all of the reasons to be involved. Numerous studies have shown that when parents are involved students:

• Achieve higher grades and test scores.
• Are more likely to graduate.
• Have higher attendance rates, increased
motivation, and improved self-esteem.
• Have lower suspension rates, decreased.
drug and alcohol use, and fewer instances
of violent behavior.
• Are more likely to pursue post secondary

We know that the relationship between students and teachers, and between parents and teachers, has a major impact on a student’s success. Involved parents can recognize that teachers are committed to the well-being of students. Parents can ensure their child’s success by providing a home that encourages learning andsupports physical, mental, and emotional development and by working with the school and other groups that have an impact on their child. It takes time and care to be an involved parent. Who are your child’s friends? What excites your child at school? Exploring questions such as these with your child can help ensure the success of your child in school, with friends, and in life. Education is a tremendous part of a child’s life. So explore some ways that you can make a difference. Your child and your child’s school will be pleased to have you as an active and involved parent. Every day offers a fresh opportunity to get involved with your child and his or her school.