Serrania Charter For Enriched Studies

Welcome Back to School Orientation!

In order for parents to get their child's classroom assignment for next year, they must attend one of the orientations and stop by all of our informational stations. Parents will receive a form during one of the orientations in the auditorium which needs to have a signature from the following stations in order to receive the child's classroom placement:
1. Auditorium (Orientation)
2. Friends of Serrania (Volunteer Opportunities)
3. Shine on Serrania (Fund Raising)
4. Computer Lab ( Parent Portal & Meal Application) - You can also complete these two items online at home and bring a copy of completion to get your form signed. Please click on the links for Parent Portal and Meal Application. 
Once you have gathered all the signatures from the aforementioned stations, please go to the office and present your form in order to get your child's classroom placement. Please know that if signatures are missing on your form you will not get your child's classroom placement on that day. No exceptions will be made. Source: Meal Application