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Friends of Serrania

Friends of Serrania (FOS)

Friends of Serrania (FOS) is a 501(c)3 California non-profit organization that was founded in 1997 when parents felt the need for a fundraising entity that could operate without the restrictions imposed by the national PTA organization. FOS is Serrania's fundraising booster organization.  Our mission is to raise vital income to fund important academic, art, social, technological, and campus improvement programs and services that are no longer funded by LAUSD. Every student who attends Serrania experiences and benefits from these programs.

2016-2017 FOS Officers:

President: Jeff Sturges
Secretary: Jen Cole
TreasurerBill Chen
2016-2017 FOS Directors:
Co-Directors, Communications: Orit Bonver, Jodi Maranville
Director, Fun Fair: Debi Shaolian
Director, Fundraising: Rachel Hochberg
Director, Outreach: Lacey Donahue
Director, School Events: Amy Feder
Director, ShopsCarolanne Valvo

2016-2017 FOS Board Members:

Rabihah Abu Bakir
Adriana Cabezas
Adrianne Doty
Lisa Falco
Eric Hanson
Bryna Hornstein
Gillian Mammone
Scarlett Manganaro
Elizabeth Mitev
Rosa Pananyan
Yevette Peterson
Luis Alvarado, Principal
Sibyl Sperber, Faculty Representative

2016-2017 FOS Committee Chairs:

Accelerated ReaderMarisela Pinot
Advertising: Carolanne Valvo
Back to School BBQGillian Mammone
Birthday Marquee: Scott Fauber
Book Fair: Gillian Mammone
Box Tops: Rachel Hochberg
Class Parties (Serrania Bucks): Rabihah Abu Bakir
Collating Tuesday Packets: Rosa Pananyan
Earnings for LearningAdriana Cebezas
Facebook: Ariella Vaccarino
FOS Email/Vertical Response: Kathryn Qin
Financial Auditor:  Wendy Salazar
Fun Fair Advertising: VOLUNTEER NEEDED
Fun Fair Auction/Baskets: Rachel Hochberg
Fun Fair BBQ: Gillian Mammone
Fun Fair Game BoothsIlisa Pasternak
Green Team: Gillian Mammone
Halloween Festival: Amy Feder
Valentine Gift Shop: Carolanne Valvo
Holiday Gift Shop: Rosa Pananyan
Hospitality RefreshmentsElizabeth Mitev
Kids in the Community Cut-a-thon: Yevette Peterson and Erin Hanson
Kids in the Community Relay For Life: Yevette Peterson
Kids in the Community Toy Drive: Sybil Sperber
Kinder Orientation: Jen Cole and Debi Shaolian
Musical Theater: Alan De La Rosa & Carolanne Valvo
Newsletter: Orit Bonver
Original Works Art Fundraiser: Jen Cole and Adrianne Doty
Ralphs, Vons, eScriptAdriana Cebezas
Restaurant Nights: Bryna Hornstein and Elizabeth Mitev
Room Parent LiaisonRabihah Abu Bakir and Bryna Hornstein
School ToursAdrianne Doty
Shine on Serrania Campaign: Lisa Falco & Ilisa Pasternak
Spirit WearScott Fauber
Sponsorship: Debi Shaolian
Staff Appreciation Activities: Lacey Donahue and Amy Feder
Staff Appreciation Luncheon: Carine Weingarten
Volunteer CoordinatorDelynn Morgan
Walkathon: Amy Feder & Lacey Donahue 
WebsiteJodi Maranville
Please contact FOS if you are interested in helping on any of these committees: 

Looking for a way to get involved? Here are some important committees looking for your support!
Ewaste: OPEN
Fun Fair Advertising: OPEN
Movie Nights: OPEN